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Equipment monitoring and control systems

JumperOs, Pool for mining

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JumperOS is a Linux-based operating system designed specifically for GPU, FPGA, and ASIC operation. With it, you can automate the monitoring, control and configuration of mining devices.

Using JumperOS, you can easily manage your wallets, set up mining programs, set graphics card overclocking options, flash AMD graphics cards BIOS, view hashrate in real time, reboot and shut down devices.

Easy installation

Full flexibility when using any algorithms – software forks can not affect mining.

Quick commissioning

Significant energy efficiency compared to GPU and ASIC.

Complex operations on rigs

Change of miner, use of wallet profile, application of overclocking profiles, reboot, shutdown, update

Job stability

The stability of the work is significant energy efficiency compared to the GPU and ASIC.


Control of physical parameters of equipment through a single interface

Browser Management

The ability to control equipment through a browser

Control via smartphone

Control from a mobile phone anywhere in the world

Professional version

The ability to monitor and control ventilation and electrics

Pool for mining

Mining pool is a server that provides separation of large computing tasks into smaller ones with their distribution among all devices connected to the server.


Our expert team is ready to develop a custom-made mining pool specifically for you.


Pool for mining
Using our mining pool will reduce the time to find a unit hundreds and thousands of times due to the consolidation of efforts of numerous participants. As a result, even with modest computational capabilities and the absence of found blocks, the miner becomes the owner of a certain share of the rewards received by joint efforts.

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