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Ensuring the legal activity of the business related to earnings on cryptocurrencies.

About the service

We provide comprehensive consulting and legal support services in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation related to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

We have a wide network of partners and friends in the field of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology from around the world, with whom we constantly exchange experience, news, ideas and insider information. This allows our experts to receive the latest information on all key events in the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency consulting
What do we offer

Legal registration

mining processes

in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation


cryptocurrency trading and investing


blockchain technology in existing businesses

Cryptocurrency consulting
Legal consulting business
Legal consulting business in the field of virtual money.
Consultation on organizational matters
Employees of the company will ensure that the customer’s project enters the virtual money market, thinks about how to develop new business based on blockchain technology, and find the data necessary for the project.
Mining Services
We do the calculation for large-scale projects and provide technical consulting services.
Quality equipment
The company will provide reliable suppliers of this equipment and provide control over transactions for the purchase of special equipment for blockchains. Also, experts will help find the best option for the project and will conduct licensing.
Help in promoting
Assistance in promoting the project in the media market. Specialists will do quality marketing and PR project. They will develop a marketing strategy and help with the design of promotional materials.

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